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Grounds Keeping Solutions is renowned throughout Frederick and the surrounding areas, for our unique and impeccable style as a creative landscaping service provider, and also for our top quality projects and ability to treat our customers like family. We dedicate ourselves fully to each project we work on so that our clients can enjoy a stunning and beautiful outcome. Whether you need a one time service, ongoing lawn maintenance, or a complete property restoration, your complete satisfaction is our highest priority which is why we always strive to achieve outstanding results.

Don't let just any contractor service your landscape. Instead, know that you receive only the highest quality landscaping services at budget-friendly prices when you use Grounds Keeping Solutions.

Some of our services are listed below, however if you need a services not listed please give us a call or email with your request, we will be happy to help you.

Basic Services:
  • Mowing 
  • Weed Whacking
  • Edging
  • Hedge Trimming
  • Tree Pruning

Specialty Services:
  • Aeration & Overseeding
  • Roto-tilling
  • Seeding
  • ​Fertilizing
  • Mulch Beds 
  • Top Soil Installation
  • Sod Installation, Repairs, and Maintenance
  • Flower Bed Installation, Weeding, Planting & Mulching
  • Complete Property Restoration
  • Winter, Spring, and Fall Clean ups

Packages Offered:

Single Service: this is available at an individual rate based on property size and service reguired. This is a one time service meaning once we are finished with the service, we do not return for follow up visits. (The only exception to this is sod work.)

Weekly/Biweekly Services - Individual Service: this is available for our customers that want ongoing services throughout the season(s) but may fluxate between weekly and biweekly service or prefer to give us a call when they are ready to be serviced again.

Mid Season Packages: available from Memorial Day to Labor Day, you create the package that best serves your needs. Flexible payment options with downpayment.

Full Season Packages: Our most popular package to date. Available from April 1 - Nov 15. you create the package that best serves your needs throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall. Flexible payment options with downpayment.

Emergency Services also available


Statistics show that a beautifully landscaped business property draws more customers then one that is not. From offices to apartment buildings and complexes why not make your commercial property more inviting with one of our maintenance programs that will be designed specifically for your business property needs.

Maintenance Programs include:
  • Mowing
  • Edging
  • Weed Whacking
  • Flower Bed Care
  • Hedge Trimming
  • Tree Pruning
  • Spring & Fall Clean ups
  • Fence line overgrowth clearing

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With over 20 years of experience on sports fields, our team will give you the professional looking and performing fields you desire.

We specialize in all types of sports fields...
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Football
  • Lacrosse
  • Soccer
  • Field Hockey
  • Rugby

Services Include*
  • Sod Installation, Removal & Repair
  • Aeration & Over seeding
  • Top Dressing
  • Home-plate & Pitcher's Mound Rebuilds & Repairs
  • Lip Blow Out Service
  • Daily Maintenance
  • Line Painting & Field Patterns
  • Field Layout Design

We no longer perform Light Irragation Repair.


One of the great benefits of having a professional company maintaining your property is peace of mind. You will not have to worry whether or not you will get a fine for your grass being too long, or that your sidewalks aren't shoveled, or that fines and weeds will over take your house making it look run down and abandoned and dropping the value of your property and the neighbors. 

With us on site regularly and experienced with photo documenting property conditions, any problem or damage that may happen has a better chance of being spotted immediately so it can be quickly addressed, rather then not being found out for weeks or months down the road when the problem and/or damage has gotten to an unmanageable and expensive stage. 

We are well versed in many phases of Property Preservation and Restoration. Bank Owned and REO properties as well as vacant and rental income properties are part of our specialty. Don't leave it to chance that the person you hire to keep on top of your property is actually doing what you hire them for. We have many years experience with foreclosures, rentals, for sale and vacation homes. Give us a call today and give yourself some peace of mind.

Services Offered
  • Landscaping & Lawn Care
  • Outdoor Property Clean ups
  • Hauling and Dump Services
  • Property Checks and Inspections
*Update Note*
- For the 2018 Season we will not be working with any preservation companies. Our services are also changing to outdoor services only for Real Estate owned and Absentee Landlord Properties.
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Reviews from some of our wonderful customers!


10 Star Company - Wonderful owners and crew - Give them a call you wont regret it!
- Bob Everett - Frederick, MD


Grounds Keeping Solutions is a reallly good company, especially on short notice. I had a lawn care company that just stopped showing up in Aug. out of nowhere. No calls no contact nothing. My grass got to be about 3 feet high when I gave up on the other company and came across GKS. Gave them a call, Nancy and Mike swung out later that afternoon and the next day the guys were at my house getting my yard back to what it should be. These guys are my company from now on. I already signed up for Spring 2019!! Thank you Mike and Nancy for bring sanity back to my property.
-Suzanna Marie Ashmatowi - Frederick Md


Excellent job by Grounds Keeping Solutions my mulch beds. I highly recommend.
-Jayce - Boonsboro, MD


Another Season Has Come To An End And I Felt It Was Time For Me To Leave An Honest Review From Someone Who Has Been Dealing With Grounds Keeping Solutions For 4 Years.
This Company Is Like A Second Familly To Me. They Make The Customer Feel Like They Are The Most Important Person In The World To Them. I Broke My Arm This Year And I Live Alone, I'm 67 Years Old. Nancy Actually Came By To See If I Needed Anything In Between My Mowings And Took Me To The Store So I Could Get A Few Items Since I Could Not Drive. I Have Not In All My Years Met A Company That Would Go Out Of Their Way Like This For A Customer. Nancy Is One Of My Most Favorite People And I Can Guarantee You She Will Be Checking On Me Through The Winter To See If I Need Help With My Sidewalk Or Walkway. 
Mike And The Guys Are The Best Landscaping Crew I Have Every Met. They Always Make Sure My Property Looks Fabulous and Entertain My Wild Suggestion About Things I'd Like To Have Done In My Yard. They Know How Picky I Am And How Demanding I Am As Well. They Never Fail To Do A Professional Job And Leave My Property Looking Magazine Cover Ready After Each Visit. Wonderful Bunch Of Guys Who Bring A Smile To My Face Everytime I See Them Pull In.
The Billing Terms Are Excellent And If I'm A Little Late On A Payment They Are Understaning And Don't Charge Me Late Fees. The Communication From Them Is Wondeful. I Am Set On A Biweekly Mowing Schedule And You Can Rest Assure They Will Be Here On My Scheduled Day. But If The Weather Isn't Good And They Can't Mow, I receive An Email Or A Phone Call Updating Me On The Situation. This Summer Was Terrible With The Nonstop Rain We Had. They Had Their Hands Full Trying To Get Caught Up Quite A Few Times But They Did It And Still Managed To Do A Professional Job.
I Can Honestly State That Grounds Keeping Solutions Is By Far The Best Company I Have Had The Pleaure Of Dealing With. I Recommend Them To Any And All People Who Ask. A Veteran Owned Familly Operated Business That Gets 10/10 Stars From Me.
-Mrs. Deloria Whitman - Walkersville, MD


I just started at the end of the season with you guys. Its a shame too because you do a great job and I wasted my summer dealing with a complete incompitant who couldn't make my yard look as professionally done in months as you guys did in 2 mowings. I will be calling you in the spring and definitely telling my friends about you.
- Nancy Di'Amico - Frederick, MD.


This company is great! the communication between them and myself is wonderful. they are understanding and dont penalize me if I cant pay my bill on time. im on disablity so sometimes need to wait until my money comes in to pay and they are always understanding. i really like this company and plan on using them as long as they will keep me as a customer.
- Joanne - MD

Love Grounds Keeping Solutions and you will too. Wonderful family owned business! If you're looking for a down to earth, reliable, proffessional, kind hearted, attentioned to detail type of company give them a call. You will be happy you did, I am!
- Martha A. Rhodes - Boonsboro, MD


Michael, Adrien, and Caz the best 3 lawn guys you could ask for. The respect, these three show their customers is a credit to the younger generation. Great bunch of guys! Look forward to seeing them each time they come to mow. I recommend you guys to everyone.
- Beth Santos - Sykesville, MD


 Mike is the best and the communication is always great. They show up on time, do a perfect job and are the most reasonably priced landscapers  Ive ever worked with. I never have to worry that they are going to charge me too much for something so I just let them go ahead and do it then  send me a bill. They are extremely honest.
 - Marc - Walkersville, MD

 Mike and Nancy are fantastic....excellent services, very fair pricing, always respectable. 5 stars for this company and their crew
 - Pat Engles - Emmitsburg, MD


After being in the hospital for three weeks my yard was so out of control I couldn't handle getting it back to a managable condition. Being a senior citizen on a strict budget you do as much work for youself as you possibly can. I called Grounds Keeping Solutions and talked to Mike who promptly came to my house to look over my mess. I explained my financial situation and how I just got home from the hospital and he said not to worry that we would work something out in an effordable way for me, but to get the yard back to normal again right away so it doesn't get worse.The next morning him and his guys were here and got the whole property mowed down to a height I can take care of again and even went so far  as to weed whack around my house. When I asked Mike how much it cost me and kind of payment arrange could I make, Mike's answer was Absolutely nothing, just try to stay on top of it so it doesn't get out of hand again, and if you find its too much for you give me a call.
My bill from Grounds Keeping Solutions $0.00 what other company would do that? NO ONE
 - Mr. M. McCord  - Frederick, MD


 A really great company, really great people. Polite and respectful crew. Excellent job! 
 - Pamela - New Market, MD

 Nancy and Mike serviced my backyard last Friday and did a great job. I have a small backyard with a lot of trees/bushes/flowers in it. They are  pretty but many had overgrown. I want to keep the plants and at the same time keep my backyard low maintenance. Nancy and Mike did exactly that - with very reasonable price, prompt services,. pleasant interactions, and great (and free) advices.
 - Tian W. - Frederick, MD


 I really really am pleased with the professionalism and work ethics your company shows!!! Thank you so much!!!
 - Kevin Moore - Frederick, MD

 A job well done!

 I'm very happy with my new landscaping thanks to Mike and his team. Thank you guys!
 - P. Jocelyn - Mount Airy, MD


 After a failed attempt at upgrading the landscaping at one of my rental properties I had to break down and call in the professionals. Finding  Grounds Keeping Solutions was the best thing that could have happened to me.  Mike and his crew worked tirelessly (only had a 3 day window)  to make sure my property was absolutely beautiful for my new tenants to move in.  Wonderful people wonderful company!
 - Suzanne Miller - Hagerstown, MD.

Great job! Great Company! Great People! Highly Recommended!
 - Carl Smith - Westminster, MD


 The house across the street from me was a foreclosure and throughout the spring guys would show up, take 10 mins to mow and leave and the  house was an absolute mess. You can imagine my surprise when I saw some ladies working in the yard. After a half hour I decided to walk over  and see if they were the new owners of the house. It was a pleasure to find out these ladies were one of the owners of Grounds Keeping  Solutions, and her daughters, hired by the bank to take care of the property for the rest of the season. 
 Needless to say I was very happy to hear that because women pay attention to detail, take their time to make sure everything is perfect and are  professional in every way. Thank you Grounds Keeping Solutions I no longer had an eye sore I had to look at every time I walk out my front door!  Nancy, Ashley and Whitney - Fabulous ladies!!
 -Patricia Diaz - Frederick, MD


 Cheapest isn't always the best. We learned the hard way. Lawn always looked half done and rarely got the weeds around our house taken  care of. The best phone call we ever made was to Grounds Keeping Solutions. That was 2 years ago and we will never consider calling  anyone else. Our lawn always looks perfectly manicured. Nancy calls if our scheduled day needs to be changed because of weather or  during the slow season to see if we want to wait a few days because its too hot. Going into our 3rd season with Mike and the guys and we know  our lawn is in the best hands possible. We highly recommend Grounds Keeping Solutions so give them a call. Don't waste your time and money  on anyone else.
 - Philip & Stacey Morrison - Knoxville, MD


 Great company, always does an excellent job on my mulch beds. Definitely recommend Grounds Keeping Solutions.
 - Steve Hardfield - Westminster, MD


 I believe when you find the 'Perfect One', you never let go. Grounds Keeping Solutions is 'The Perfect One'! I had a complete property restoration  completed in the 2015 Spring. I never thought my property could be as beautiful as it turned out to be. What a pleasure spending  my summer  playing with my son on a beautiful grassy yard (was nothing but dirt and rocks!) and being able to show off my flowers and  mulch beds to friends  and family when I entertain. I love my yard and its all thanks to Mike, Nancy, Ashley and the boys for not only making it look as it does but also  making sure it stayed in beautiful condition the entire season. I'm already on the schedule for the end of April and so excited because Nancy and  I are working on some new ideas for this year. These are really great people, they treat me like one of the family and they put their heart into  every job they do. I recommend this company to anyone and everyone that even mentions 'grass'. 
 - Jesse Singleton - Frederick, MD             Here's the 5 stars you guys deserve -  *****


 Really happy with Grounds Keeping Solutions. Mike and Nancy are down to earth, curteous and professional. Competive prices with professional  outcome. Highly recommended for your landscaping and lawncare needs.
 - Mr. J. Ciardella - Ijamsville, MD


 Have you ever had a company mow your yard for free? No? Then your using the wrong company!
 Grounds Keeping Solutions takes care of senior citizens who can't afford to pay for their grass to be mowed. Mike and the guys are great they  check on my yard based on the weather and how the grass is growing and if it needs a mowing they do it. I've never heard of a company that will  provide services free of charge. Wonderful company Wonderful people. If your a senior on a limited budget give them a call don't waste your  time with other companys.
 - Joe S. Hoffman- Adamstown, MD

 Very pleased with the service I received from Grounds Keeping Solutions.  I called for an estimate for sod and mulch work, Mike and Nancy came  right out and by 10am the next moring I had my estimate. Best price and fasted service I had received out of everyone that I called. Everything  was set by that afternoon, got my deposit in that day and 3 days later I had myself a brand new yard and freshly done mulch beds. Excellent  service. I highly recommend Grounds Keeping Solutions.
 - Randel Yueng - Hagerstown, MD


 Love the service I receive from grounds keeping solutions. Every time they mow they make sure all the weeds around my house, garage and  shed are cut also and my driveway and sidewalk are edged and not a clipping anywhere! My yard always looks fabulous especially with the  striping mike adds when he mows. Great job guys!
 - Jeff Sapanski - Boonsboro, MD


 Great Company!

 I had an idea of what I wanted but not creative enough to put it all together and make it work. So walking my property with Mike and Nancy  throwing my ideas out there, they both gave such excellent and honest feed back I was surprised. Most companies will push to do the most  expensive things. Not these 2, more then once they said 'to save yourself some money why don't you consider this...." They also did not have me  on a time clock, we walked every inch of my property a good 5 times discussing every little spot I wanted to do something with, going back to an  already visited spot to throw out some ideas to tie it all together and back and forth we went! They were here well over 2 hours and didn't try to  rush me or act like I was taking to long. By the time we finsihed I felt so comfortable with them it was like we'd been friends for years. A few emails  back and forth, a few more ideas Nancy thought up and wanted to throw at me, and I'm on the schdule for this weekend. I can't wait to see my  ideas (with their suggestions thrown in) come together. I'll be back to give a follow up!!!
 - Kathy Andreason - Keedysville, MD


 I recommend you guys to everyone I know. great job mowing, weed whacking and edging. my yard always looks professional.
 - Craig Moore - Frederick, MD


 My flower beds look great! Thank you Grounds Keeping Solutions.
 - Twana Rioce - Hagerstown, MD.


 after 2 no shows from other companies I got in touch with groundskeeping solutions. Felt bad for these guys, first mowing of the season and its  May. but they didn't make me feel like an idiot for no calling them first or a pain in the  neck when I kept adding more stuff onto their already long  list of clean up they were doing for me. one day turned into 3 days worth of work and I can honestly say I am so happy I found these guys.
 I'm sticking with grounds keeping solutions and nancy will make sure I'm scheduled when I need to be so this doesn't happen again! no more  overgrown property or waiting on deadbeat companies that don't show up. You guys are the Best!.  
 - Vivianna Terrese - Clarksburg, MD.


 Excellent Job by Mike and the crew at Grounds Keeping Solutions. I had a property restoration done at a house I just bought and I couldn't be  happier. My property value went up just from the work these guys did. Highly recommended!!
 - James Emmerst - Myersville, MD


 This is going to be a very long revue of Grounds Keeping Solutions but very important to read because there is no one else like this company. 
 I'm 74 years old and recently lost my husband. I've never even started a lawn mower before let alone try to use a weed eating machine.  When I  called Grounds Keeping Solutions I told them I was on a very small budget and couldn't afford a lot of money but was being fined because my  yard was out of control the grass was up to my knees. I have a very big yard and tried so many other grass cutting companies and they were just  too much for what I could afford.
 Mike and Nancy came over to see what I needed done and it was a lot of things. They suggested getting my flower beds done which you couldnt  even see anymore they were so overgrown. I told them Id love to have them done, I would be able to spend a few hours here and there working  in them which I used to do with my husband and it was relaxing but as they talked all I could think of was how much this would cost and no mater  how much I wanted to do it I just couldn't do it. I told them it would be a wonderful thing but maybe next year if I saved up enough money to have  the work done we could do it. They aggreed to just do a cutting for a senior discount price of $40 for all my yard which is almost an acre of yard I  own.
 The night before they were coming to mow I feel in my driveway and ended up in the hospital. My daughter called them and told them what  happened and asked if they would be willing to take the payment at a later time since I was not home. They said yes and when I got home 4 days  later I thought I went to the wrong house. my yard was so beautiful I cried. It was mowed perfectly and all my flower beds were cleaned out with  new flowers planted and red mulch just like I talked about with them. But I didnt understand why they would do such a thing when I told them I did  not have the  money for it. I got quite upset trying to figure out how I would pay for everything and my daughter got very angry because even t  though it was beautiful I told her I asked them not to do it because I couldn't afford it. When we got to my door there was an envelope taped to it  from Grounds Keeping Solutions and my daughter ripped it off the door very angry and opened it while saying I bet its their bill and Im calling  them how dare they do work you told them you couldn't afford. She opened the envelope and just stood there silent looking at it and I got even  more upset because she wasn't saying anyting. when she finally did she said mom its the bill and its $40 and showed it to me. We were both very  confused and sat down on the porch for a few minutes trying to figure out  what happened.
 My daughter talked to Nancy so she will add this part with Nancy's exact words. "Your mom and I agreed on a senior discount of $40 for the  mowing of the entire yard and weed whacking around all structures, if your mom needs to split that into a few payments that is fine with us. We  did not agree upon a price for complete landscaping services or materials such as the mulch and flowers so I cannot charge her for these  services. However, while talking with your mom about our suggestions for her landscaping I saw how much it would mean to her to have her yard  looking beautiful again. Mikes was raised by his grandmother and has a soft spot for senior citizen and if this is going to bring some joy to your  mom and make her days a bit brighter that is all that matters. She will not be getting a bill for the landscaping services and since she  had landscaping services done, make sure she knows she can call us anytime if she needs help with the weeding and also let your mom know  we will check her on yard based on how the grass is growing and will make sure it stays cut so she doesn't have to worry about threats of fines  anymore. I hope she enjoys and please call us if you need anything" - Nancy  Dunn, Owner Grounds Keeping Solutions
 They stayed true to those words I never got a bill for any of the landscaping services and called them a few times to help me out and never  charged me anything. They also showed up without me calling them and mowed my grass whenever it was needed so it always stayed pretty.  Nancy would come when they did and sit and talk to me on the porch with was very nice and I would make the boys lemonade and a snack  because it was hot and they work so hard.
 Mike and Nancy and their crew have become a second family to me. I am looking forward to the spring because I am saving up money and going  with Nancy to pick out all new flowers for my beds and a few bushes and I will not allow them to pay for everything this time.
 I have to say for a company who is trying to make money to donate their time and materials and services just to make an old woman happy is  simply unbelievable. I didn't know there were still people out there that care enough for others but Mike and Nancy and the crew of Grounds  Keeping Solutions has proved to me there is. I recommend them to everyone you will not find a better company no matter how long you look.

 - A proud customer of Grounds Keeping Solutions - Mrs. Rosemary Bookhout - MD

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