One of the great benefits of having a professional company maintaining your property is peace of mind. You will not have to worry whether or not you will get a fine for your grass being too long, or that the weeds will over take your house making it look run down and abandoned and dropping the value of your property and the neighbors. 


With us on site regularly and experienced with photo documenting property conditions, any problem or damage that may happen has a better chance of being spotted immediately so it can be quickly addressed, rather then not being found out for weeks or months down the road when the problem and/or damage has gotten to an unmanageable and expensive stage. 


We are well versed in many phases of Property Preservation and Restoration. Bank Owned and REO properties as well as vacant and rental income properties are part of our specialty. Don't leave it to chance that a tenant or property management company will take care of your property correctly. We have many years experience with foreclosures, vacant, rentals, for sale and vacation homes. Give us a call today and give yourself some peace of mind.


Services Offered

  • Landscaping & Lawn Care

  • Outdoor Property Clean ups

  • Hauling and Dump Services

  • Property Checks and Inspections

*Update Note*

- Our services have changed to outdoor services 'only' for Real Estate owned and Absentee Landlord Properties. We will accept bank owned properties on a case by case basis, however we are no longer working with Property Preservation Companies and will not respond to requests asking us to join your teams.

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